Does your dog need professional training?

Are you experiencing behavioural problems?

I am Chris Rose, you may have seen me recently on the BBC or heard me on the local radio in Northamptonshire. I am a professional dog behaviourist travelling to many locations accross the UK.

BBC Filming inside out programme

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13 years of professional experience

Dog's Trained

I am recognised for training dogs to become happier, obedient and more relaxed. Making significant changes in a non-harmful way, and in a very short time!

My work has comparisons with Dog listeners. Dog whisperers and rated amongst the top canine professions including the RSPCA.

I work with owners and dogs anywhere in the UK. Including in environments where your dog displays their worse behaviour.

I believe in getting all the family involved in learning on how to become better dog owners and trainers for your dog/s. Thats why there are no hidden charges for booking these!

  • Bank Holiday

  • Weekends

12 years of professional 121 dog training and hundreds of dogs worked with. Means what your experiencing I have already helped with, including these common dog problems.

  • Dog aggression
  • Separation anxiety
  • Excessive barking
  • High excitement
  • Growling
  • loose lead/Recall
  • Mouthing/Nipping

Professional one to one dog behaviour consultation also includes

  • Simplicity – Easy to implement techniques
  • A revealing insight to your dogs personality
  • Training needs analysis – Other underlying symptoms
  • Multi dogs? No extra costs
  • Lifetime support