1-2-1 Cases

121 case study for 121 dog to dog aggression within the same household!

  • Breed: Spaniel
  • Location: Hinckley, Northampton

Areas for 121 help were, some of the main points.

  • Assessing and dog to dog aggression
  • Advice to help adjust in the home
  • Equipment and training
  • What to do if aggression erupts
  • Signs of stress between the dogs and how to react

I received a call from Toni a lady in desperate need to get both her spaniels to live alongside each other in harmony. Segregation was now up to two years. Wow this poor lady has a fence up in the living room to separate the dogs! I can not imagine the guilt and stress.

The dogs will charge at each other and the sounds are horrendous with the dogs fighting, I have lost my confidence now. But want to keep both dogs.

This is a typical case of inter male aggression. The area that can impact to reduce the aggression is castration! But in this instance that decision would not allow these dogs into showing. The consequences are massive. Great hey! So I knew I would have my work cut out.

As you can hear in the video, we used flooding techniques. Getting the two dogs accepting each other’s company. Not going to be easy for a single owner to two dogs, hence the muzzles. But we know previously that these dogs could sit side by side! I gave Toni some other training guidance to help as well.

It turns out that there was huge competitive issues for attention going on at home despite the segregation. Well once the dogs adjusted to accept each other, then we can work on that too. The segregation caused all sorts of issues, but I understand the reasons why it has got to this stage.

The strategy going forward was to get these dogs in the same space and this was to be done several times a day using a specific dog training programme tailored to this 121 dog aggression case. I worked on building confidence in the owner, we needed confidence going forward. I believed it was achievable and could visualise the dogs living alongside each other.

This case touched my heart, tugged at my emotions. This lady lived for her dogs, she enjoys the showing side. One dog, is a stud dog! I felt the pressure to help her.

As you saw in the video we walked the dogs together, at times before the recording the dogs got up close. There was delight and happiness on the owners face because for the first time in two years, both dogs walking together. A break through and a confidence builder.

Don’t feel alone with dog to dog aggression. I can help you get those walks on track and you feeling confident on how to manage and control your dog.