1-2-1 Cases

Case study for a 121 dog aggression was for;

  • Name: Tyler
  • Breed: Cockerpoo
  • Area of Leicester: Barwell

Areas for a 121 help were

  • Dog aggression when taking an object away (especially tissues)
  • Recall issues
  • Growling and snapping at other dogs (sometimes)
  • Separation anxiety
  • Jumping up
  • Eating cat poo (No-one likes this)

Entered the house to a calm dog, no problems with me entering, there was no excessive jumping up or other worrying signs. Why hire Chris Rose? I started the history taking process and top of the list was dog aggression! It took me by surprise, Dog aggression in what form?

He will growl and bare teeth, if I go to take an item off him, like tissues!

Now this didn`t add up to be competitive/obsessional aggression. The more I dived into the history I knew what the issue was straight away. My advice was to treat the underlying causes to the problem, which would have a knock on affect to the presiding issue, in fact this is how I work on 121’s.

So I began to change up Tyler`s routine, extra stimulation incorporated into his daily routine. Consistency to a single dog food at the owners choice, too many choices creates a fussy eater. Extra rules around the house. There was other guidance and dog training.

Tyler doesn`t cope well with shutting the kitchen door, even when all his family pack are present. What could this be? Turns out Tyler loves going upstairs to his comfy place, sounds ok, doesn`t it? But if you knew my diagnosis to all Tyler`s issues and problems, then it would makes sense for his whines, pacing and stress at a door being shut.

When I explained all the why`s to the owners. It all became clear and by the end of the session Tyler started to accept his new routines to stop this behaviour and help his anxieties.

I enjoyed my play session in the garden, we had toys all over the place, but the smile on the owners faces when I introduced my special play game, well the delight! Tyler enjoyed it and looked so happy, wagging his tail at speed!

The dog walk exhibited different behaviour, not a constant head down sniffing, but a more relaxed dog. Much more easier to command at roads and generally a more enjoyable dog walk.

Consultation was around 4hrs, and it that time I was able to help this dog become a more relaxed dog and actually diagnose the obsessional aggression to a more overlooked problem. By the end of the 121 dog training, the family removed several items from Tyler mouth, without growls! Which proved my diagnosis to be exactly right. A great end to a great 121 dog training in Barwell, Leicester.

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