1-2-1 Cases

121 dog behaviour case study for two sibling Border collie puppies

  • Border collies
  • Milo & Buddy
  • Northampton

Areas for 121 dog behaviour help were

  • To identify play from fighting
  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Food and nutrition help
  • General puppy obedience

The owners of the puppies wanted to know if they were getting things right. Advice on feeding all dogs together and if the behaviours were play between the dogs.

We just don’t know what do when what looks like play becomes extreme between the two puppies. We have also been told that you shouldn’t get two from the same litter!

Observing the two puppies they came across very active, as you would expect for the breed. However the two dogs were constantly at each other, with one of the dogs particularly goading and jumping onto the other. I could see the shoots of this behaviour heading towards the start of sibling rivalry. If let unattended can lead to owners being so lost what to do they may resort to re-homing one dog. I can show you that this isn’t always the case.

I helped the owners recognise behaviours that were not play between the two dogs and showed them how to stop the rivalry grow between them. This is so important if any dog owners choose to take two puppies from the same litter.

One of the puppies had no interest in chasing a ball or going after a toy. However I managed to get some super engagement will a little ace of mine to encourage play from the reserved puppy.
Of all the advice I gave to the owners, I asked them to remain very vigilant to non-play behaviour and make sure the dogs knew the boundary. I also said they will need extreme patience as well, because two puppies can be every hard work.

Both Milo & Buddy are adorable dogs. With the owners only wanting the best for them, and the moment that raised smiles and sheer joy in both owners was when I had both dogs playing nicely.

The owners hadn’t realised about a dog behaviour that was occurring when the dogs were in the garden, and that was shredding toys and eating it. I pointed it out and advice was given. Since my 121 this behaviour hasn’t happened again.

By the end of the consultation the owners were able to step in when the behaviours were correctly observed not to be. Know how to see things through to stop ongoing spats. Have an excellent tailored plan to go forward with.